Connected City Summit


This half-day summit on November 20, assembles thought leaders from the automotive, technology and government sectors to address the issues that will enable the car to transform from an individual object to part of a broader network. Discussions about changing vehicle ownership patterns and the proliferation of car sharing and other impending trends will demonstrate how automakers are redefining themselves from being just car and truck manufacturers to become personal-mobility companies.  Emceed by KTLA-TV tech reporter Rich DeMuro, the Connected City Summit (CCS) will feature a half-dozen talks about infrastructure, cyber security, urban architecture evolution and more.

Event Details

  • Connected City Summit & Luncheon Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014
  • Summit Location: Los Angeles Convention Center (Meeting Room 403 A & B)
  • Connected City Summit & Luncheon One-Day Pass: $165
  • CCE Premium Pass (Includes access to the Connected City Summit, Connected Car Expo & Conference and Vehicle Debuts): $975
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Summit Topics & Schedule for Thursday, November 20

Big Data, Bigger Opportunity (9:25 – 9:45 am)

What happens when one of the largest US metropolitan areas releases all of its collected data sets out into the open? An amazing opportunity to turn “big data” theories into practice. See how innovative startups can solve Los Angeles’ transportation problems by analyzing millions of anonymous data points.

Featuring: Peter Marx, Chief Innovation Technology Officer, City of Los Angeles; Bruce Weed, Program Director, Big Data and Watson, IBM; Shahed Rowshan, Lecturer on Intelligent Transportation Systems, University of Southern California

Transportation Transformation: The Trends Driving Tomorrow’s Cities (9:50 – 10:15 am)

Today, a modern city’s layout is heavily influenced by the requirements of cars but big changes are on the horizon: Car sharing options are multiplying, vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies are finally getting well-deserved attention, and high-speed rail is forging new transportation options beyond the everyday commute. Join us for a discussion about today’s new thinking in personal mobility, how it is being realized within the constraints of urban planning, and its far reaching impacts that will shape tomorrow’s cities.

Featuring: Ogi Redzic, Vice President, Connected Driving, HERE; Reilly Brennan, Executive Director, The Revs Program, Stanford University; Michelle Boehm, Southern California Regional Director, California High Speed Rail

The Practicalities of Connectivity: What Does it Really Take to Deliver? (10:20 – 10:45 am)

From telematics to M2M, everything we own and everything we touch is becoming just as connected as we are. All these connections are just wireless magic, right? In reality there are many challenges to building a high-bandwidth wireless network that constantly needs to reconfigure and rebalance itself. Indeed, burgeoning quantities of new devices with demanding mobility or reliability requirements will impact RF congestion, network hand-offs, QoS, and network capacity. You’ll be amazed at what happens beneath the scenes to build the wireless networks that connect our devices and our lives.

Featuring: Drew Johnson, VP of Engineering, Aeris

Fortifying a City: The Dangers Hackers Present (10:50 – 11:05 am)

Cities today cannot operate without connectivity, which makes them especially tempting targets for cybercrime and cyberterrorism. We cannot be complacent about protecting our efficient, always-present connectivity as the world becomes more and more reliant upon it. Learn what is being done to secure our network defenses against misuse, and how experts set traps and track down those who might take advantage of our increasing digital dependence.

Featuring: Jim Christy, President and CEO, The Christy Group, former Chief of DoD Cyber Crime Center

Urban Architecture Evolution (11:10 – 11:35 am)

If you could step into a time machine and visit the future, what would cities look like? Would they be the dramatic, futuristic skylines along the lines of Hollywood creations? Would there be wildly different structures you’d never anticipate? Or would cities be a slight modification of today’s streets? Our urban architecture experts show us visualizations of the types of changes – small and large – that we can expect as our cities grow.

Featuring: Scott Fisher, Professor & Founding Chair, Interactive Media Design, USC School of Cinematic Arts; Robyn Eason, Certification Team Leader for Urban Planning, LEED; Forrest French, President, AIA Richmond

“The Connected City in Practice: A Case Study” (12:00 – 1:30 pm)

Cities generally acquire their connectivity backbone through a slow, gradual process of accretion as they grow. However, with enough will and skill, major chunks of city infrastructure can actually be renovated in one fell swoop. We have the privilege of listening to someone who has done just that to create the world’s first connected city. See what valuable lessons have been learned when building for entire-city connectivity, and what changes can be applied to municipal network infrastructures now.  (Featured discussion during the Connected City Summit luncheon)

Featuring: Announcement of Green Fleet Car and Truck of the Year Award Winners, presented by Bobit Business Media (publishers of Green Fleet, Automotive Fleet, Work Truck and Business Fleet magazines); Announcement of Ford Connected Car-Connected City App Pursuit Winner David Cummins, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Xerox Services will speak