Open to the public November 18-27, 2016 AutoMobility LA November 14-17

Los Angeles Convention Center


Changfeng Motor Corporation



Vehicle Title:
La Brea – Los Angeles Bio Research Project

Design Concept:
Daniel Darancou

Creative Team:
Wang Jingjing, He Wei, Chen Mingshi, Zhou Shuxin

Visualization Team
RTT – Bunkspeed: Steve Madge, Philippe Martinez, Brian Muhlbach, David Randle

Using a hollow reed design in a spiral dynamic configuration, Changfeng has created “‘LaBrea’ – Los Angeles Bio Research Project,” which utilizes a closed loop and semi rigid torsion reed network to distribute and manage maneuvering capabilities. The entire system resembles a grasshopper, capable of running, jumping, climbing, swimming and also the ability to squeeze between narrow openings. From holographic Emoji to update traffic patterns, to techno gel seat cushions that provide cooling and heating, the LaBrea mobility system adheres to the adage “Adapt or Die.”