Open to the public November 20-29, 2015 Press & Trade Days November 17-19

Los Angeles Convention Center

JAC Motors R&D Center



Vehicle Title:
HEFEI (Harmonious Eco-Friendly Efficient Infrastructure)

Project Lead:
Frederic Dupuis-Jung

Design Team:
Frederic Dupuis-Jung, Keiji Omaki, Nicolas Blondeau, Keishi Yoshikawa

3D & Animation:
Kentaro Kaneko, Ryo Kojima, Dua Xiong, Hirofumi Kamezawa

JAC Motors introduces “HEFEI” (Harmonious Eco-Friendly Efficient Infrastructure), a totally rethought mobility solution inspired by the self-sufficiency of the eco-system. This mobility network offers symbiosis between vehicles and their urban environment. Idle vehicles are used to power running vehicles; a power grid supports the entire system; and automated traffic regulates itself, decreasing accidents, traffic jams and energy loss.