Open to the public November 20-29, 2015 Press & Trade Days November 17-19

Los Angeles Convention Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Is valet parking available?

Yes.  Valet parking is available for Press & Trade Days and CCE $40/day from Nov. 17-19.  Valet is also available on the evening of the annual Preview Party on Thursday, Nov. 19, as well as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of the public show. The valet parking entrance is located on Figueroa Street, south of Pico Blvd. (South Hall side).

What will I need to enter the show floor during Press & Trade Days?

To enter the show floor, you will be required to present your credentials along with additional identification (a valid driver’s license or passport) for validation. A wristband will be given for each validation.

Will I need to get a new wristband for each Press & Trade Day?

No, your wristband is valid for all Press & Trade Days.

What if I remove my wristband after the first Press & Trade Day?

You will need to have the validation process repeated.

Can I gain early access to the show floor?

All early entrance requests must be addressed with Show Management.

Are children or guests allowed?

No person under 18 will be admitted. All individuals must be working in the automotive industry and qualify for credentials.

Are production crews allowed to use the Show as a location?

The ability to use the show floor as a location to either broadcast live or taped is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please email to discuss specific needs.

Who qualifies for media credentials on Press & Trade Days?

Only working print, broadcast or website journalists will qualify for media credentials.

Can others apply for Press & Trade Days credentials?

Yes. Dealer Principals and dealership general managers; public relations and advertising agencies; automobile designers; and individuals in the automotive industry may apply for credentials. All applications will be reviewed by Show Management and are subject to verification by the exhibitor being represented.

If I can’t make it to Press & Trade Days, can I give my credential to a co-worker?

No. Your credential is non-transferable.

What if I lose my credential?

You can get a duplicate printed on-site at the registration counter inside Room 502A beginning at 8:00am on November 17, 6:00am November 18, and 7:00am November 19 (during registration hours). You must show a valid driver’s license or passport.

How do I apply without a Member ID number?

Log on to, click on Press & Trade Days and click on the Registration Link. Once you have entered the registration site, you can apply online.

How will I receive my Member ID number?

Your Member ID number will be emailed to you when registration opens in early July.

Who receives Member ID numbers?

Member ID numbers are assigned to individuals who were qualified during last year’s show.

When can I use my credential?

You can use your credential during Press & Trade Day hours only, November 18-19. Credentials are not valid for the Preview Party or during public show days.

When will credentials be mailed out?

Credentials will not be mailed out in advance.

How do I register if I am with a design studio or manufacturer?

Each design studio and manufacturer has identified an individual responsible for credentialing all employees. Please check internally with your company. If you do not know who to contact, please contact the Registration department at for the name of your internal contact.

When does online registration open?

Online registration is open now.

How can I register?

You can register online at Click on Press & Trade Days and click on the Registration link.

How do TV crews gain access into the Show?

Email for answers to the following…

· Your planned dates and times of load in AND taping (live or taped)
· The type of equipment your crew plans to bring
· Any special shots/interviews requested
· When the anticipated airdate would be
· Anticipated viewership details of your show
· And any other needs

How do I get into the Preview Party?

Credentials do not get you into the Preview Party.The Preview Party is a charity event on Thursday, November 19 after Press & Trade Days. To gain access, you must purchase tickets at

What if I forget my Member ID number?

You can retrieve your Member ID number online, using “Forgot your password?.” You must enter the email address we have on file.

How do I get in for Public Days?

Press credentials are not valid for public days. However, working journalists who need to access the show for a story can contact our media relations dept.