New Logo

The new logo, which adds an imaginative twist to the classic LA letterform, is a visual representation of the changes that were being fine-tuned for the last several years.  The Los Angeles Auto Show’s intent is to better serve our partners and help create a more modern, nimble and innovative auto industry.  The new logo reflects our own modernization while holding true to the style and attitude that makes LA the car culture capital of the world, a hotbed of design, a burgeoning tech epicenter, a global trendsetter and the preferred home of the rich and famous.  

The two brandmarks include the Stand-Alone Brandmark (SAB) and the Self-Contained Brandmark (SCB).

For detailed usage of the new logo, please click here to download the Style Guide.


Stand-Alone Brandmark (SAB)

SAB Full Logo for Web: PNG / JPG 

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SAB Line Logo for Web: PNG / JPG

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Self-Contained Brandmark (SCB)

SCB Full Logo for Web: PNG / JPG

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SCB Line Logo for Web: PNG / JPG

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