1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible / Owner: Harold Tennen


This triple black 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible is owned by Harold and Paul Tennen of Los Angeles.  The car, now an American icon, regularly appears on the hit HBO Series “Entourage”, and is driven by one of the show’s main characters. In addition, the car has been used to promote the Las Vegas hit show, “PAWN STARS”, and was used by the “Pussycat Dolls” to promote their new album on the TV Special “American Music Awards”.  Only 3356 convertibles were manufactured of the 1965 model. A new grille, front fenders, and parking lights defined the new styling changes for 1965. To this day, the most notable feature of this vehicle  are the ‘suicide doors’ which originally were the result of attempting to provide easier access to the rear seats by switching the door hinges to open from the opposite side of the door.  The car weighs over 5,000 pounds and unlike the cars of today that are made with so much plastic, the Lincoln is all about real leather, chrome, wood and steel. A DREAM TO DRIVE!  Harold Tennen is President of CDI Management, Inc., a property management firm based in Los Angeles. Mr. Tennen is responsible for directing the investment activities of CDI Management, Inc, and oversees a portfolio of residential apartment complexes throughout Los Angeles. Most notably, CDI Management, Inc. owns and operates several apartment complexes including a surrounding the USC University campus, that provide off campus housing for USC students. As a teenager, Mr. Tennen owned a similar Lincoln Continental which he loved to drive, and as an adult, after looking at the many choices of collector cars, chose to purchase another Lincoln which he enjoyed so much. Mr. Tennen loves the attention the car receives wherever he goes. ”I get a lot of thumbs-up from people as I drive down the street!”